Engineering that matters.

Gantre is a consultancy that provides customized engineering support services to companies experiencing or eager for market growth. Our name is derived from the multistory support structure commonly used in spacecraft and aircraft applications. Much like a real-life gantry, our company enables tasks important to the success of the mission to be carried out prior to launch or deployment. Gantre can help you launch your product or service successfully. We excel at engineering that matters.

How Can Gantre Help You Launch Your Product or Service Successfully?

Research & Development

Gantre provides new product design and development as well as redesign of your entire suite of software products and hardware designs. Our software R&D services range from investigative work to consider the feasibility of a software desIgn to experimentation with ways to improve speed. In hardware applications, we handle the hardware design based on industry standards, prototyping, and testing.

Modeling & Simulation

A huge cost-saver, modeling and simulation produces results for the purpose of verifying technical performance and requirements, and indirectly, providing information for making long-term project and business decisions. Gantre creates well-defined, accurate models that are then subjected to a simulated product environment to demonstrate compliance and/or noncompliance.

Technical Documentation

Gantre understands the ongoing organizational demands placed on thriving businesses. Making sure that you are providing an innovative solution and communicating its distinctive qualities to increase and retain the all important customer base is a delicate balancing act. In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is the name of the game -- getting the best product and/or results with minimal cost and time impact is key. Gantre meets the efficiency challenge by enhancing the industry expertise reflected in your solution with what we do best -- communicate technology.


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